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  • How can I create a tournament on Wager?

    On the Tournaments page: Click on 'Create Tournament'. Complete the 3 steps of tournament creation which includes - tournament details, scoring details, prize pool percentages, brief of the tournament & the organiser, NFT eligibility and race conditionsDeploy the tournament once you fill-in all the mentioned details. It will be reflected on the dashboard for all users to see and participate

  • Can I create more than one tournament at once?

    Yes, you can create as many tournaments as you wish at the same time.

  • What is the minimum number of players required to create a tournament?

    Three. (The only case where all the participants win!)

  • How does the scoring mechanism work?

    In step 1 of creating a tournament, you’ll find a template named “F1” under “Scoring Details” for both 6-gate and 12-gate races, which is a default scoring system.

  • Is there negative scoring?

    The scores start from 0 and only go upwards.Note: Our scoring mechanism is non-linear! So you can assign any points while hosting the tournaments.

Participant related

  • How can I participate in a tournament?

    To participate in a tournament: Connect your wallet to AuraClick on the tournament of your choice Ensure you have the required NFT(s). In case you don’t have an eligible NFT, you can buy it from our marketplaceJoin the tournament by paying the entry feeBefore the tournament ends, play as many (free or paid) races as you wish on the chosen gameYour scores will automatically be reflected on the tournament leaderboard.

  • Can I participate in more than one tournament at once?

    Yes, you can join multiple tournaments at the same time as long as you have the eligible NFT(s) for it.

  • Is there negative scoring?

    The scores start from 0 and only go upward. Note: Our scoring mechanism is non-linear! So you can participate in tournaments based on how well your NFT performs at the highest point position.

  • Are there any criteria to join a tournament?

    Yes, every tournament has criteria set by the organiser. You can find the set of criteria under “Eligibility” after clicking on the tournament you wish to join. You can enrol only those NFTs that fit the criteria.

  • Can I deregister from a tournament?

    Yes, you can deregister from a tournament before it begins. Your entry fee will be automatically refunded.However, you will NOT be allowed to deregister after the tournament has started.

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